Can Luki
Boutique Finca Ibiza


At Can Luki we try to be as self-sufficient as possible. 


In urban areas, houses in Ibiza are supplied by city water - often with a high salt content and polluted with microplastics or worse.

Many villas in the rural areas have their water delivered by truck – 10,000 to 20,000 liters. Some have their own water wells.
At Can Luki, we are fortunate in that we have water on our land. Our well provides fresh, non-polluted water from Mother Earth. At the same time we collect every drop of rain from our roofs. Our filter system serves good-quality water for domestic use. It is filtered from the balsa (outside water reservoir on the north side of the house) to the cistern (underneath the north terrace). It is fine to cook with. Please use the water with respect and care (not leaving taps running / ensure the cistern of the toilet is not stuck), as water is an increasingly scarce resource on the island.


Can Luki runs exclusively on solar energy. In the sunny months this should not present any problem in terms of energy consumption. Even outside the summer season we charge two small electric cars with our solar system. However, we ask you to use the electricity with care. For example, dishwasher/washing machine/ ironing/hair drying/vacuum cleaning need to take place whenever possible during the hours of sunlight. Please do not use an electric apparatus of your own which is of very high wattage (1000w or more). In the unlikely event that the solar batteries run too low (due to excessive use of hairdryer, ironing or too much consumption during bad weather periods etc.), we have an emergency generator but in a worst-case scenario, the electricity supply may be cut off until the system has recovered.


We're pleased to inform you that from 2023 onward we provide solar-powered air conditioning in each bedroom. As our property is solely reliant on solar energy, air conditioning availability will be constrained to sunlight hours, typically between 10am and 10pm (depending on the weather, the state of the solar batteries and the energy consumption of the guests).
In line with health recommendations, we're aiming to establish a 4-6 degree Celsius temperature difference from outside to inside, in order to prevent potential health issues such as colds. The temperature will not go below 25 degrees. To sustain this temperature difference in the bedrooms, it is important that our guests keep the doors and windows closed. Please note, there is no remote control for the air conditioning.
Should you prefer not to use the air conditioning during their stay in one or more bedrooms, we request that you inform us within the first 24 hours of your arrival. Every bedroom also has a free standing fan.


Lavender, sage and lemongrass are growing in our gardens at the back and front of the pool. In the patio you will find a lemon, two bitter orange-trees and a pomegranate. There are grape vines growing over the two pergolas. Below in the orchard are  fig and orange-trees, plum-, apricot- and apple-trees.  Under one of our carob-trees you will find the Can Luki permaculture vegetable garden.